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EKEDC COVID-19 Work plan

12th Oct 2021 | 04:10:35

My Dear Colleagues , Hope you and yours are keeping well. The world at large is grappling with the scourge of the coronavirus called COVID-19 and Nigeria is unfortunately not spared. The responsibility lies on us to first and foremost keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and safe. Second, we have a responsibility as a company that provides an essential service/commodity (electricity) to do so efficiently while again staying safe and healthy. HEALTH AND SAFETY FIRST! Following this and effective immediately, we will commence a Business Continuity Plan which will ensure that we are safe while work progresses. As we are an essential services company, we cannot completely shut down. However, we have developed a EKO COVID strategy that will include but not limited to: some non-essential staff working remotely, on shift basis/skeletally or on a need basis. While we are working remotely, I expect that you will be fully reachable via e-mails and phone calls in order to support all our colleagues that will be at work/field. our IT and HR Admin teams are working hard to ensure needed remote work tools/support are made available to staff in this category. Also, the following will be effective immediately: · Entry of ALL Customers & Visitors to our Offices (HQ, Districts, Undertaking, Injection Substation) should cease. · Customers with complaints should be politely asked to follow our various channels for registration of complaints (Customer care help lines, emails, social media etc). · Early payment of Staff salary (24th March, 2020) to support Staff & families at this time to stock up on necessary items. · Continuous COVID -19 awareness forums for Drivers, Security, lines, EFRs & other support staff. It's important they understand all necessary precautions. · Stock up on emergency response needs, critical spares/material to ensure outage time is reduced during this period. · Creation of Emergency Identification card For critical staff. This will be communicated to Lagos state to ensure our people are allowed free movement to service our customers. · Various online KSS sessions will be rolled out for Staff (e.g. Use of Teams, Print to PDF etc) to facilitate remote working Your respective Chiefs, Heads, HoDs and HoGs will cascade the details of operations at your different units to you shortly. I implore you not to panic but to take the respective proactive steps to keep you and yours safe at this time. Thank you for all you do, as I fervently pray and look forward to everyone of us getting through this and coming back stronger as a team.

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