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What is MAP?

The Meter Asset Provider (MAP) framework is a regulation issued by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). It is designed to fast track a closure of the end-user metering gap with a goal of eliminating the practice of "estimated billing " excepting exceptional cases envisaged under the regulation. The framework mandates that the distribution companies engage meter suppliers also known as Meter asset providers to provide meters to end users in their service areas. Meters provided under the MAP framework will be maintained by the asset providers under the warranty period of 10-15 years. The tariff cost for Meters under the MAP framework would be at a reduced rate. However, customers will be mandated to pay a maintenance fee for the warranty period indicated

Approved Meter Prices under MAP framework

Single Phase: N44,896.17
Three Phase: N82,855.19

Registered MAPs in EKEDP

  1. Mojec International Limited
  2. Bendoricks International Limited
  3. CIG Metering Assets Nigeria Limited
  4. Integrated Resources Limited
  5. Armese Consulting Limited
  6. Turbo Energy Limited
  7. Gospell Digital Tech. Limited

DISCLAIMER: Meters provided or purchased under the Meter Asset Provider Framework cannot be moved from the property by the customer.

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