Graduate Training Programme

Our unique Graduate Training Programme (Eko Distribution Training Programme-EDTP) is a Six month intensive training programme designed to develop a workforce of home-grown talent pool; a new generation of talents and leaders that will drive our on-going transformation as the leading and customer centric utility in Africa. It offers candidates a rich mix of both technical and non-technical curricular via a customized programme which includes, in-class sessions with our internal faculties and our technical partners, field work and visits to our substations and rotation across key departments in the organization where candidates will work with team members and have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the company values.

Whether you join us as a technical or non-technical graduate, our highly competitive training programme will give you the business and industry knowledge required to hit the ground running. Our family-oriented culture and open-door policy gives trainees the liberty to seek counsel from senior or more experienced colleagues for guidance and support.

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Meet our Graduates

Adetunji Tejuosho

My experience so far being a member in the EDTP: from the in class training all the way down to the On the Job Training (OJT) sessions.

We were warmly welcomed by executives and various members of staff of the company. The boring stages of having to introduce ourselves every time we meet new facilitators, the wonderful classes that were lively and entertaining with activities ranging from word plays, interactive sessions, life lessons, and essential tips on how to become better individuals to both the company and the environment. The tea and lunch breaks went on sweet and smooth until the food began to be rationed and the caterer’s politeness and tolerance level reduced, all lasted for a short period of two weeks. The two weeks of class was not so bad, while not forgetting the safety training exercise carried out by the HSE department on safety measures to take in case of emergency. After that we proceeded for the OJT Having to shuffle through all the departments is not an easy task, but a worthy one provided one knows what they are looking for and hoping to contribute. During the OJT, teams from both streams eventually ended up meeting and mixing producing results to various tasks assigned us by the different departments. At the end of the OJT, we hope to meet the standards required of us by EKEDC and we get absorbed into various departments.

The EDTP uses this medium to wish the MD happy anniversary and many more milestones to cross with ease and joy.

Barbara Esangbedo

It has been an awesome experience so far. The highlights of the training programme was in the classes, because I got to interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and varying levels of experience. For me it was an exchange that I learnt a lot from. The intellectual exchange and trading of knowledge has been splendid.

In a nutshell the facilitators had a life changing effect on me, I was exposed to a higher level of self-awareness and given the opportunity to master the art of emotional intelligence, ethics, and customer relations. Away from the in-class trainings, I was privileged amidst the rest of the EDTP Trainees to undergo the on-the-job training moving through all the departments which has helped me understand the power sector and made me value each department and understand the roles they play in the Company.

I realised that customers already have a negative perception toward EKEDP staff and officials, they have a bias for us which made learning crisis management and various ways of managing different customers. The need for re-orientation of the populace is imminent to reduce the way customers perceive us as it will reduce several damages, assaults to Eko Staff as all these naturally form part of our corporate image which is very important.

How to Apply

Ensure you have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corporation (NYSC) to make you eligible to apply for the program.

The application should not take more than 5-10 minutes.
- Click the “Apply now” button.
- Properly fill out the form, upload your CV and Passport photo.
- The Recruitment Team will contact you within 2 weeks if you are eligible or not.

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