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Mojec Microstar Prepaid Manual

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your queries about our service.

  • Payments

    For logged in users:

    - Click on Make Payment on the landing page of the website

    - Click on Single Payment

    - Select Payment Option

    - The system will redirect you to the selected payment channel portal

    - Input card details and process payment

    For users that are not logged in:

    - Click on Make Payment

    - Click on Pay bill or Buy token

    - Input Account/Meter number

    - Select Payment Option

    - The system will redirect you to the selected payment channel portal

    - Input card details and process payment

  • I get an error after payment

    Report a complaint on the site

  • How do I know my Band and Tariff

    To check your band, visit, input your account number (without '/' sign) or meter number and click proceed.

    To view your tariff, visit

    If you do not see your records, try using Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. If it persists, kindly call our customer experience centre on 0708 067 1170 or 0700 123 5666 or send an email to [email protected].

  • What is STS and why should my meter be upgraded

    'STS' stands for Standard Transfer Specification. It provides a secure message system to transmit information from a point-of-sale to a meter which helps to prevent fraudulent generation of tokens.

  • How are estimated bills calculated

    Estimated bills are calculated based on maximum load allocation. For more information, visit

  • Why is Band A tariff rate now N206.80/kWh

    The recent tariff increase has been structured in line with the policy of the Federal Government to transition out of the subsidy regime in the power sector. With this, customers who are receiving the highest quality of service will pay close to the cost-reflective tariff (True cost of production).

  • How can I be migrated to another Band

    Unfortunately, you cannot be migrated to another Band. However, Bands can be upgraded or downgraded according to our regulator's (NERC) directives.

  • How do I upgrade my prepaid meter?

    To upgrade your prepaid meter, visit, input your details and click submit. If your meter is eligible for an STS (2.0) upgrade, you will be notified when it is time for the upgrade.

  • Is it compulsory to upgrade my prepaid meter

    Yes, you need to upgrade it as you will not be able to recharge your meter once the deadline for the meter upgrade passes. 

    Note: The deadline is November 24, 2024.

  • My meter is NOT eligible, what does this mean

    If your meter is not eligible, you need to apply for a replacement. To apply, visit and select 'Replacement' under Type of Application.

  • How do I apply for a prepaid meter

    To apply for a prepaid meter, visit and click 'Order Online'.

  • I applied for a prepaid meter and made payment more than 2 weeks ago. When will my meter be installed

    Kindly send us an email with your details and a copy of your invoice to [email protected].

  • I am unable to make my first recharge. What should I do

    Your meter is not likely programmed. Kindly send us a copy of your prepaid meter installation form via email to [email protected] and it will be programmed.

  • I get link error when I tried to recharge. What should I do

    Link error indicates that your CIU (keypad) is not communicating with your prepaid meter. Kindly visit to learn how to resolve it.