Right Of Way
  • Avoid carrying out trade activities close to transformers or under power lines.
  • Do not plant trees or construct buildings close to or under power lines and other installations
  • Staying under high tension power lines or transacting business activities near or under power facilities poses a serious danger to life and property.
  • In the event of line failure, the lives under the power lines are at great risk.
  • The mandatory safety rule is that the right of way distance of 5.5 meters, 15 meters and 25 meters must be observed on each side of the 11/33KV, 132KV and 330KV power lines respectively.
  • We are mandated by NESIS Regulations and NEMSA Directive dated 26th April 2017 to carry out disconnection of Electricity supply of defaulters.
  • EKEDC shall not be liable for any mishap caused by contact with power lines and other electrical equipment and installation due to Right of Way violation.
  • Please report any electrical hazards to us via: 09029820142 or send an email to [email protected]

EKEDC HSE Contact details:

Phone number: 09029820142
Email address: [email protected]